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Marketing Director

Rachel Plum is a talented Digital Marketer specialising in management and sales. She first encountered how powerful and effective digital marketing is when she acquired the business of a jewellery store.
Since then, she started running the business on Social Media and built a Website; it grew more significant because of its wider reach and 24/7 availability. Because of her experience and determination, Rachel created a mission and Plum Digital Hub to help businesses, especially smaller ones, to have a digital presence.


Business Consultant

Aaron’s experience is in Management and Company start-ups. He has over 20 years of experience in various companies, including the Agricultural Equipment Industry, Auto Parts Industry and E-commerce retail.
He has a big heart for his family and wants to help lead others to success by assisting them and implementing structure systems.


Senior Accountant

Justin’s experience is in Management Accounting and Human Resource Management. He has over 20 years of domestic and International experience working with small and large organisations in various sectors.

He is passionate about driving business growth through structural financial control and the development of team environments.


Marketing and Operations Coordinator

Meet Chloe, our dynamic Marketing and Operations Coordinator. She is all about that #organisationallife and is dedicated to empowering businesses to make an impact in the digital world through social media and websites. Chloe’s creative spirit ensures she creates fresh, ingenious approaches to problem-solving. Holding a Bachelor of Applied Business in Marketing from La Trobe, she bridges theory and practice, ensuring that marketing campaigns leave a tangible impact. Chloe is your partner in making your digital presence truly unforgettable.


Senior Web Developer

Erwin is experienced in advertising, graphic design, industrial design, multi-media, marketing, photography, and digital media. He spans more than 20+ years, having worked for various organisations in the US, Middle East, China, and Australia. Erwin has expertise in brand development and is highly skilled in developing websites and marketing collateral for corporations and organisations.


SEO Specialist

As a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in web development, programming, and SEO, I possess a unique combination of technical and creative skills. I have a deep understanding of various programming languages, database systems, and web development frameworks, and I’m able to turn complex requirements into intuitive, user-friendly websites and applications. My expertise in search engine optimization ensures that your projects look great and are easily discoverable by users. I have a strong track record of delivering successful projects on time and within budget, and I’m able to work effectively in both team environments and independently. My passion for staying up-to-date with the latest web technologies and industry trends, combined with my attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality work.



Graphic Designer

My name is Nesty, and I am a Photographer/Graphic Designer, for 12 years I am a Ecommerce photographer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On the sides I do Events, Wedding and Food Photography. I also create designs for social media platform, brochure, flyers, Newsletters, and many more.


Plum Digital Hub is looking for a highly motivated and creative Senior Marketer

Plum Digital Hub is looking for a Graphic Designer with a keen eye for detail and aesthetics.






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