Top 5 Social Media Tools For Startup Business

Social Media Tools are a must when you’re starting up a business or your business is on the growth stage. Everyone knows that having a Business can be hard to manage especially when your business is on the startup stage. You need to have a solid business plan, marketing plan, competitive analysis, and a great branding that will excel in the target niche or industry that you are in.

Nowadays, every business must have a digital presence on at least one digital channel. It can be on the social media platform, Video Logging Platform, or even on search engines such as a website.

For Startups it’s best to leverage first on one channel at a time. Whether it’s on Social Media, Search Engines, or Video Logging Platforms. Social media is one of the best channels that a startup business can leverage on because it’s free and a lot of people are using it.

Here are 3 reasons why Social Media is good for Small Businesses

  • It’s Free! – Social Media is cost efficient that helps your business on advertising, reaching the right people and making your business socially active to improve the presence and identity of your brand.
  • Community Building – Communities or Industries with similar interest to your business are already on social media which your business can target and create meaningful and long lasting relationships with.
  • Insights from your Audience – It is important for businesses to know their audiences well on how they behave, what their likes and dislikes are, what age group they are, where they are mostly located. These audience insights data can be analyzed on your social media, once you’ve created a number of audiences.

But how do you use social media effectively?

To effectively use social media for your business, you must have a concrete plan for your types of contents, scheduling, posting frequency, target niche, tone of voice, and a lot more stuff and this is where social media management tools come in handy.

Take note! You should also know your competitors behavior and their audience. You must be thinking right now that Social Media Marketing is hard! In some way yes, but once you’ve had the hang of it. It’s very fulfilling! especially when your audience looks up and interacts with your business.

You can’t just build a social media profile or page and then forget about it and let all the algorithms do all the work for you, it doesn’t work that way! That’s the most common problems of businesses, they’re not putting any effort into their social media presence. Thus making their online Image or Identity not reliable and it’s BAD for the branding of the business, trust me, most of the younger generations today look up to great brands or companies that have a rich online presence rather than companies that have little to no presence at all. So in order to avoid that mistake, making use of social media tools for your business is vital to your success.

Here are the most important social media tools that you can use to boost your business growth if you’re a startup business owner or marketer.

1. Canva – Having a social page with no contents or updates is like having a car with no wheels, that is why creating contents for your Business Page or Website is required. Canva is a free powerful tool that helps you create contents for your business, whether it’s a photo content, video content or Gifs. With this tool, you can create almost anything, your lack of creativity is the only drawback you have for this tool when creating contents. ​ Check out this other Content editing tools.

2. BigSpy – Have you ever wondered what your competitors’ advertisement campaigns look like? What type of contents are they posting? Or maybe what tone of voice are they using to interact with their audience? BigSpy is a Freemium tool that can help your social media marketing plan on analyzing the strategy and tactics of your target audience. This tool gives you power on analyzing the copywriting format, types of content and tone of voice of your competitor’s ad campaign. You can also gather the data on how effective their ad campaign is from the number of engagement, reactions, views or shares.

3. FanPageKarma – FanPageKarma is also a Freemium social media management tool that you can use to analyze your Facebook page analytics, you can also use this tool to analyze the insights of other pages, this one’s a secret! On this tool you can have as much as the number of engagement on every post, number of shares, reactions, number page likes, and its growth over time. Did I say that you can also publish contents from this tool? A very powerful tool for marketers right?

4. BuzzSumo – What strategy is a double edged sword that most marketers use to have viral contents? It starts with the letter N and it’s common on traditional media and even traditional marketers. BuzzSumo is a marketers favorite tool on finding news and information that are currently trending on social media, with this tool they can analyze the trends to have an effective content strategy.

5. ManyChat – ManyChat is a Freemium tool that greatly helps businesses on tasks such as customer services, answering inquiries and creating a great experience for the audience. It has a chat flow that you can create for great audience experience, and at the same time create flows for certain keywords when a customer typed that certain keyword. Just Imagine that a person who wants to close a huge deal with your business or a customer wants to ask a question about your product or services and no one answers their inquiry! Huge waste right? That is why ChatBot Marketing is very essential for businesses right now because it gives you a 24/7 Customer Service that answers any inquiry on your audiences.

Starting up a business can be frustrating at first, especially when it comes to growing your business. But with the right steps, concrete plan, and tools it can save you a lot of time and money. Most businesses right now are almost automated and innovative because they are utilizing their efforts to the power of digital tools and digital marketing which makes the tasks easier and effective. Gone are the days where you have to manually input everything, survey on the field, or even go door to door for sales.

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