Importance of 2 Step Authentication System and Why You Need It?

Ever encountered a situation wherein youraccount is suddenly restricted and you cannot advertise or manage your assets on your pages. The only solution thatthey said you could do is two-factor authentication. You will also see that you will be unable to make changes in your Facebook Business Manager.

Now, let’s go over what two-factor authentication is. It is a security system that allows a user access to a siteor app if he presents two pieces of evidence for successful login. This feature will allow you tobetter protect your Facebook account from unauthorized access.

To put it simply: Logging in just does not cut it anymore. You must also verify that you truly are the one logging in.How? You can prove it in 2 ways namely: using an authenticator app or with atext message. Classifications of authentication prompt can be knowledge(something that the user has an idea of), possession (something the user has)

and inherence (something that the user is). All these methods protect theaccount owner from any unknown party that will try to access their account.

It might something that you will findtroublesome at the start. But knowing all the benefits that it brings to yourbusiness page, you will be glad that this security feature exists.

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