What is SEO and its Importance to your Business

Nowadays, almost everyone is tied up in the digital world. For every decision that we make whether it be navigation or even purchasing something we always depend on the world wide web for answers.

That is why almost all brands take a plunge right into the world of digital marketing.


Speaking of Digital Marketing, companies often consider Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO.

You might be asking what is the purpose of SEO, and have no clue on how to start. But here at PDH, we are here to help you navigate your way into figuring out what SEO is and why is it important.

Making your page visible- Exposing your brand out there does not stop at advertising your products and uploading campaigns on social media. With almost 3.5 billion searches performed every day on Google, every business wants to be at the top of every Google search page. But most of the time no matter how good their product is, they are often unseen by the market. Why? They do not have an SEO strategy. Without a proper SEO strategy, it will be difficult to be seen by the audience.

That is why a lot of companies often depend on SEO to solve this conundrum. To put it simply, the higher the page, the higher the traffic, the higher the traffic, the more the sales will follow.

Helps you connect with people that are also looking for you- when your website is optimized you are opening your business to more opportunities and by opportunities, we mean having people that are interested in your services seeing your business the moment that they need it.

Assist you in gaining credibility- Will all the false information and fraudulent activity present on the web today, most people look for the most credible and legitimate service or product they could find. And unconsciously, we often think that what is on the first page of the search results is legitimate and the best in their trade. So, businesses often eye to be at the top of the search pages all the time.

A great example of this is when yellow pages are still not obsolete. When you are looking for an electrician in the yellow pages, you will not call an electrician that is on the last page of the book right?

Gives your business traffic- You might be thinking that website traffic cannot give you any money or sales. But come to think of it, when you lack website traffic, you will have a slimmer chance of having the right people find you. Right people meaning people that might want to buy your products or acquire your services.


Think of it this way, when you are looking for a location for a physical store, You will look for a storefront in a busy city street than in the countryside, right? That is also the same as your online business. You want to have a site that grabs the attention of the right market right? That is where SEO comes in.

Now that you know the importance of SEO you might decide to try giving it a go. Here at PDH, we believe that in this ever-changing changing world, you should have tools and plans that work with you. Our team offers a wide array of services that will surely take your business to new heights. Give Plum Digital Hub a try and we will make sure that we will handle your business as it is our own.

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