PDH Elevates with Auto8

Celebrating a decade is not an easy milestone to reach in any business. Hard work and dedication must always be present; otherwise, you will never last.

This is why Plum Digital Hub is delighted to announce Auto8 has chosen us to organise their event titled Elev8 with Auto8 which formally marks Auto8’s 10th year in business.


Our client wanted this event as a way to thank everyone who has helped them along the way. Additionally, they also figured out that this event is an excellent opportunity for other businesses in their industry to make lasting connections and networks.


Automobile industry experts from Bosch, NOCO, Dayco, and the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association will also be there to give insightful talks for the guests to enjoy.


Not only that but there will also be raffle prizes and vouchers that are up for grabs! So it is truly a night that is one for the books.


On behalf of Auto8, we hope you can join us for this special evening. Team Auto8 is looking forward to seeing you all.

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